Become a Knight.

Our members come from all walks and stages of life but have three key things in common:

  1. We’re men.
  2. We’re Catholics.
  3. We have a deep desire to give back and drive change, helping to actively improve life for the elderly, the young, the sick and the impoverished.

We’re guys who understand and appreciate our blessings and want to be part of a social, faith-driven fraternity helping to contribute good.

How to join us.

Becoming a Knight of the Southern Cross starts by getting in contact with us. If you do join us, there is a nominal membership fee and you can revoke your membership at any time (just a head’s up – we do not expect large donations as part of this membership).

We select members based on the right fit for our Order. This is because we believe in doing great work, and we know great work is driven by a genuine desire to do good. If you’re keen to contribute, and want to be part of an historic, Vatican-recognised Catholic fraternity – and enjoy the company of likeminded men – get in touch.

After an initial chat, we’ll invite you to join us at a few meetings. This will be a good gauge to see if we’re on the same page and if you’re ready to commit to being a Knight. We firmly believe it’s important you get to know us, and we get to know you. If we’re the right fit for one another, we’d love to welcome you as a Knight of the Southern Cross.